ecological garden care & biophilic design

Relationships are the heart of a healthy garden. The relationship of plants to soil, to sun, to nutrients, and to available water, the relationship within plant communities, with their diversity of function, form,  color. Affinity nurtures and enhances all these relationships, and one more: the relation you have to your garden. How you live in it, what you love about it, what you want to grow. These affinities are our passion.


The core of Affinity's practice are the care relationships we develop with a garden over at least a season. Most clients join us for a minimum of two seasons of regular visits to prune, weed, stake, support, observe, and improve over time. We can advise on and treat imbalances affecting the health of soil and plants, supplement fertility, and augment plant communities with new members, from seed or start. Clients are often in the garden with us (we love that) making the work an evolving conversation. 

As the schedule allows, we also take on standalone projects including spring and fall cleanups, edging and mulching, soil testing, jumping worm evaluations and redress (lately popular!), compost and water capture builds, and winter pruning. We are careful to sanitize our tools between client visits and otherwise ensure that no pests or pathogens travel about with us.

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Ali Baker is Affinity’s founder. She got her gardening start in kitchens, where, as a chef, she favored seasonal, locally grown, and wild ingredients and was known to wander from the kitchen to the fields to be lost among the plants. Affinity's philosophy and practice is informed by Ali’s study of soil health, botany, and ecological design and her deep respect for non-human communities. She is a certified compost operator, has a degree in whole foods nutrition and cooking, and is working on her master gardener certification. 

She lives in Thetford.



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